Door Installation

Door Install

Door Installation Process:

When installing the frame, the top, middle and the bottom measurements should be checked to see if it is equal.

3 pieces of 3"clamps should be placed on the frame’s column side and 3 pieces of 4" clamps should be placed on the frame’s brick wall side .The star cannot be used. Make a small hole by drill machine using 1.8 drill bit & then placed the clamps using 2 2"screw and star bit.

The corners of the door or frame should be made equal size on both sides by shawl in standing position. In that case the corners of the panel will not be avert above or below the frame.

Apply clams, make a square beam in the gap of the wall, apply spices well, keep it for a day or two, then plaster it and then set the panel .While setting the panel, you have to set the scale with support at the bottom of the scale so that it does not move. The door should be installed in the same condition even if it is taken from the factory in setting condition.

When installing the frame, the top and bottom of the clamp on both sides should be jammed with a piece of wood or something else. So that the plaster is not left after the plaster dries.

Door Frame & Shutter

Polythene on the body of the square can not be opened while installing the frame. Polythene should be opened after plastering. If the polythene is opened first, scratches will appear on the squares.

After installing the frame, the place of the clam should be completely dried and then the palla should be applied. Otherwise, the palla with the square is bound to stick to the future. 6/2 ”screw should be used in the hinge to fit the palla.

Since our door is heavy, it is better to hold 2 people while installing the door.

8 m in front of the lock. Mr. And 3 m at the top. Mr. Must be kept clear.

After taking the door should be kept in the same place in the same way. The upper side of the door, the lower side and the middle should be placed with equal size support. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the door will become dull in the long run.

Doors can not be left out in the sun.

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