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March 29, 2020

funny office safety tips

Funny Photos of Workplace Safety Errors. 10. Office Safety Tip 1: Prevent Office Falls. ", "If you are in favor of safety glasses, Say:'Eye'", "It's better to arrive late in this world than early in the next. There are plenty of other funny safety slogans available from various sources online. Looking for Free […] ", "Your first mistake can also be your last. ... Gloria managed to slip in a fun anecdote about how her dog committed suicide while camping. Even with the pictures, you may think some were faked, but Will and Guy cannot see the joins! They Took My Candles During A Health And Safety Check I Took Their Health And Safety Funny Safety Meme Image. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. ", "Remember your safety ABC's: Always Be Careful". Despite what you think, Salmonella isn't an Italian lounge singer. ", "Take a shortcut and you will be cutting your life short. SAFETY PHOTOS, IMAGES, UNSAFE PICTURES AND FUNNY FAILS A huge collection of the best free safety photos and funny safety pictures. 3. ", "A spill or a slip could mean a hospital trip. Ensure all electrical equipment is certified by a nationally recognized laboratory and read all manufacturers’ instructions carefully. Funny Pictures; Search for: Sign up to receive our latest picture dumps in your e-mail * indicates required. It could also mean that available work must be done with fewer staff member. So, also check out our post: 5 More Creative Ways to Keep Safety Top-of-Mind. Fun workplace safety ideas include posting humorous cartoons or photos about workplace safety issues. These videos can be great tools for your safety training process. Funny Safety Training. Please help us improve. Here are 8 workplace safety tips every employee should know to ensure all employees are engaged in developing a safety program that encourages the shared responsibility of everyone in the workplace: #1 Be Aware of Your Surroundings. It's a lot easier to deal with than a dumb mistake. Workplace health and safety is a crucial component of office environments, for both the employer and the employee. Office managers should discuss these 9 workplace safety topics to ensure the office functions smoothly. ", "If you don't want your wife to spend your 401(k), don't get hurt on the job today. tagged with fail, fails, funny fail, Funny Pictures, Funny Safety Fails - 40 Pics, picture dumps, safety fail, safety first. The Shocking Truth: Electricity Kills ; There's a fine line between "safe" and "sorry." Additional Resources. Give pri z es to employees who answer correctly. Lightning may not strike the same place twice, but it only has to strike your place once. Another one of the most important office safety topics that you need to consider? Here are some tips on how to make OSHA training fun. Addressing the four fall workplace safety topics below, by discussing at your next safety meeting or posting materials on a bulletin board or your intranet, is a great way to ensure that your employees stay safe and enjoy the season. Safety First, People Second; Watch your step – it could be your last; Be careful, today is not a good day to die! © 2006-2020 LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted. ", "If you don't want to bet your life, don't gamble with safety. There are a number of strategies that can be used to compose funny workplace safety tips. Safety at work is not something that workers can be exposed to once and no further information or follow-up is needed. Don't cross it. These are just a sample of some funny workplace safety tips that can help workers avoid being injured (or worse) on the job. Why wasn't this page useful? The following can be used to get the safety message across: Here are some more examples of funny workplace safety tips to keep in mind to help keep you and your coworkers from harm as all of you go about your duties on the job: Once a person loses interest in what is being presented, they are less likely to take in the entire message. Instead, it is a concept that should be focused on and discussed often. Unless you saw these funny safety pictures, you would not believe what people do at work. There's a fine line between "safe" and "sorry." Change your smoke detector batteries twice a year. 20 slides: Office Safety Covers elements which should be included in an office safety program. ", "Working in a safe way means you will live to see another day. It's not just a "bad cook" alarm. But if you’re looking for more laughs or creative ideas for workplace safety, check out our post: 5 Creative & Fun Ways to Keep Safety Top-of-Mind. Avoiding the accident or injury in the first place is a much better approach, and using humor to do so is a very effective method for helping people stay safe. Employees are affected too, since a job-related accident means lower morale. Here are some examples of safety rhymes: "Falling objects can be brutal, so wear your hard hat to protect your noodle." The value of using humor to approach a serious subject like safety is that it lightens the mood, creates comradery and seems less threatening than a bunch of rules and regulations. Electricity can kill you in spectacular ways; You will die whether you follow safety procedures or not; Protect only the fingers you want to keep Safety is a Frame of Mind, Get the Picture. You probably taste better than you think. ", "Remember to work safe today. Workplace Safety Trivia with Prizes. Here’s how to make safety training more fun and engaging, with stories and tips from real-life safety managers and trainers. If your feet won’t touch the ground unless you lean forward, use a footrest. While safety should be a concern to everyone on the job, simply telling workers that they need to follow established policies set by management may not be the most effective way to get the message across. 'Pull the pin like a hand grenade,' he roared. Workplace safety and handling procedures exist to keep your employees safe, … For some people, a simple rhyme is easy to remember and keeps the idea of staying safe on the job fresh in the employee's mind. Whether at home, at work, or on vacation, practicing safe behavior matters to everyone. Heaven can wait. Here are some examples of safety rhymes: Another way to convey safety messages to workers in a fun way is to use a play on words. Email and Computer Etiquette. ACUTE helps teams become inspired and empowered for safety! The short clip of the show below is a spoof on workplace first aid training. This makes talking about eating healthy foods, getting outside every day, and the importance of hitting the gym all key office safety topics. Funny Health and Safety Pictures More Accidents Waiting to Happen More Safety At Work Funny Safety Pictures Safety PowerPoint Presentation Sponsored … Funny Safety At Work Pictures Read More » Office-Safety Tips for Your Soul-Sucking Desk Job. You can even start a weight loss or fitness incentive program to promote teamwork. Shake up the work day with these funny, inspirational, and impactful workplace safety videos. Check out these funny options: While it's great to laugh about almost anything, including safety, it's important to remember that being and staying safe is serious business. To you, it's a watering hole; to wildlife, it's a toilet bowl. 4. All Rights Reserved. Discuss the dangers. Do not stand and talk in front of closed doors, you may be hit if it is opened from the other side. Work safety jokes; Office safety video; Would you ever do this? Also, since you’re interested in fun safety training, check out these 11 free online safety training word games (like Wheel of Fortune) and these 10 free online safety … Think Safety First Funny Safety Meme Image. In the words of Michael Scott, “this is why we have training: we start with the dummy, and we learn from our mistakes…” Encourage the use of electrical inspection checklists and include all the necessary items for an effective electrical safety … Safety is a frame of mind – So concentrate on it all the time. Top tips to keep you in tip top shape at the office How do you cultivate good safety habits in the office and make your workplace a safe place? I have compiled the ten funny safety videos that I have found on the web for free. It will help the class go by more quickly, and the students will be more willing to participate. With over 23 million views, this funny safety video from The Office (US) is a crowd-pleaser. • The keyboard should be directly in front of the user. One way to make safety a priority is to utilize humorous slogans that are easy to remember. Chances are the tree was there first. Top 10 Funny Safety Slogans. Do not run in corridors, always WALK. An employer can take all the precautions to ensure their workers are safe – they can implement policies and procedures, conduct training, and reduce hazards – but employees also need to take responsibility for their own safety in an office environment. All Rights Reserved. Using humor to do so can capture the employees' interest and keep the message fresh. For some people, a simple rhyme is easy to remember and keeps the idea of staying safe on the job fresh in the employee's mind. Safety is a full time job – don’t make it a part time practice. 12 Workplace Stories That Prove Human Beings Are Too Awkward For This Earth. If they can become engaged with the message because it strikes them as amusing, it is more likely to stick with them after they hear or see it for the first time. Please help us improve. These catchy phrases are also likely to stick in the reader's mind and keep him or her focused on steps they can take to stay safe while performing job duties. Sep 4, 2015 - Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands. Designated driver = helpful. 40 slides: Office Safety and Health Despite common belief that the office provides a safe environment to work in, many hazards do exist which cause thousands of injuries and health problems among office … The tips below aren’t the full key to office safety, but they’ll go a long way in keeping workers safer and healthier. Safety is a mission not an intermission Safety is about doing the right thing, even if no one is looking. • The keyboard should be angled to allow the user’s wrists to be in a neutral position. Establish office wide rules that everyone will adopt. Here are seven safety tips for office workers to prevent workplace injuries: Make sure your desk setup is ergonomic To maintain a neutral posture, your head should be centered over your neck and shoulders, wrists flat and elbows resting comfortably at your side.

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