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March 29, 2020

are wolves smarter than tigers

Once they see a friend get taken out the rest will jet. You would need around 10 wolves attacking the tiger at same time to defeat him. They also tend to come closer to human habitation whenever they are injured, sick or not able to hunt. I am talking about cage fights – these are completely different from circuses. In India the Bengal tiger has a hard time to defend itself from half a dozen wild dogs. ( this was their business, after all). I think domestic cats are smarter than tigers, and tigers are smarter than lions. LOL. Some are very difficult to trap or hunt, because they are super crafty at figuring things out, whereas others are easier to catch. Why is a cat not working together with people prove it’s intelligence? So they could bend all kinds of ways to escape from the wolf’s jaw if the wolf was able to actually get a grip and bite it. I’ve seen a video long time ago, where a bengal tigress beat up a pack of 14-16 dobermans in only a few minutes. Get a clue! Ido know.. Nah… If the wolves really want to succeed in taking down a tiger, they might even need more than 10-12 in their pack. How about there torture techniques you like that to? The question is how much more smart the wolves can be to deply such tactic. That’s not true. Also, Horuos, dogs do not love people unconditionally, only a select few breeds do, and even then they are still protective of their family. It depends on how you view intelligent to be fair but dog get more out of us in the long run. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? Now people forget to factor the environment too, if it’s a night battle then no way will that favour the canids, inferior vision and hearing. Have you ever seen a lion use a cat litter? And this comment comes from someone with a PH.D. in theoretical physics. Commonly known fact. It would take approximately 4-6 wolves to handle a single tiger. Add to the fact that tigers have three inch claws, dagger like four inch canines, lightening fast paw swipes which are powerful enough to break the skull of a large buffalo, 5-8 wolves would not stand a chance. Why even compare these two animals!! Tiger vs. wolf is so stupid. Females give birth to up to 7 young ones in each reproduction cycle. Would you mind providing us the link of that film where the two dogs backed up a Siberian Tiger? They are mainly rear attackers. But I need to ask you something. It doesn’t. of the panthera breed, due to his proven skill & experience. Assuming this is true, the only reason the Tiger would back down is because they are smart – they don’t want to risk injury which might hinder their hunting abilities. That is how you present, for sure.. Cat are the way they are because we never truly domesticated them meaning even early humans saw little need of them apart from dealing with vermin. Has anybody ever said that cats are a man’s best friend? Average weight is up to 60 kg (130 pounds). packs o wild d’hole dogs in British India. in america you eat hamburger in soviet russia hamburger eat you, In Soviet Russia, bear pass out drunk in hamburger meat, gets hair in people faces. You evidently have little ‘hands on’ The shame for you is, as cats habitually can, a thing Indian people ought to learn.. Any bizarre/unfortunate human-caused breeding error which Look dude, the reality is that, yes, there are house cats which are kind and loving (my sophomore year Lit teacher had a cat like that), but scientific research on these animals have shown that dogs are more loving and caring towards their owners.’d perhaps understand.. that I clearly stated.. Tend to avoid any contact with humans but may attack if threatened. If you want to prove this fact you need to have the same opinion on both. (that is, Tigers outcompete the Wolf, not 'outfight it')? We lock cats inside and never let them out. © Copyright 2014-2018 Animal vs Animal Comparison Blog. Has a thick layer of fat and massive fur. a wolf would slowly get in the tigers head and start to push the tiger to a exhausting chase over months even…then when the tiger feels ready to to fight do to extreme fatigue the tiger begins having haunting dreams with minimal sleep that weaken the soul. Known to hide and camouflage with the environment before pouncing on prey when at striking distance. Why do you think they say that a dog is a man’s best friend? Here i upload videos releated to tech, knowledge and much more so make sure to subscribe me! & yeah, so heavily biased.. I always address both sides of the argument – and I have even admitted that lion is more than capable of killing a healthy tiger. ScienceDaily (Sep. 13, 2009) — A wide-ranging study of big cat skulls, led by Oxford University scientists, has shown that tigers have bigger brains, relative to their body size, than lions, leopards or jaguars. (& esp’ cats.. since they perform as – they like – to).. Lions, just as in nature – are dominant over other Wolves are much smarter than dogs. experimentation by scientists directly stimulating After considering all these facts and information, it can be concluded that the Siberian Tiger has higher chances of emerging as the winner. It is all about the definition of "smart" which tends to be biased based on the person's predetermined opinion. Psh Wolves rule earth so true they are apex rank haha tiger noobs u make me die of laughter tigers will go down son! The more logical explanation is the tenure of domestication. Most of them (more than 90%) are found in the Russian mountains of Sikhote-Alin and Primorye province. Wolves are pack animals while tigers are solitary hunters. Ross Wind, While the tigers are focused on the wolves in front of them, there will be a group of wolves behind them nipping at their legs. The tiger logically god-stomps wolves easily. The tiger would of used all of his abilities. AP, If you look up pictures of wolf hunting you will find these big wolves, some even look like they are the size of a tiger. That’s more than 21 percent of all felid and canid studies focused on just two species. Also, in 1960 cage fights, usually a fight between a Siberian tiger and African lion would be a toss up. Peter the bite response from within the cat’s brain.. That said, cougars are noted to apply hard bites which The tiger simply has too much of a strength advantage in this match up. Trophy hunters and poachers pose the biggest threat to the survival of this species. Several factors may determine how that duel will end. Thank you my name Dave. AP, it is you – who needs to focus less on your Siberian tigers, in fact.. Dogs are not slaves to humans, they work with humans and have a purpose in life, unlike cats. A gray wolf will put up a big fight and ensure that it leaves the tiger with significant injuries that may also be fatal with time. Also, you misinterpreted what I meant by captivity. Normally mate in the months of January and February. What are the release dates for The Wonder Pets - 2006 Save the Ladybug? It is many times larger, stronger, and is equipped with huge claws and canines. I can hate on dogs and bears and love lions, but that is not biased. Hello this is Affan, and this my channel "Tiger Wolve". How do you replace cv joints on a Buick Century? Have you seen the many, many triumphs canines have over felines? they would prey on us. It is by surprise by the back. It is not that cats dislike me. Asked by Wiki User. Carnivorous animals that feed on animals such as elk, deer, moose, lizard, Snake, bird, fish, caribou and other smaller animals. Color is different tinges of gray with black and/or white patches. I thought that was jaguars? Let me start of by saying that I am NOT biased. Tigers are faster, stronger, and do not rely on numbers. FYI: There have been cases of Tigers doing frontal attacks on large Brown bears. beasts.. the title ‘King’ is a well considered one. Color is red-yellowish with dark brown stripes. All Rights Reserved. The dogs were trained to hunt such huge beasts, but the tiger beats all of them only one time with a single paw-strike or bite, until they were dead. You might need to relax a bit but you are correct I guess. as well.. Hey rob, You are right – felines generally bite harder than canines. So here is some advice, Ross Wind. Dogs are more domesticated because we have been domesticating them for much longer, not because they are less intelligent. They were the favourites to bet on vs the lions, hands down. In fact, go on YouTube and check out that video where a Tiger takes on a large Gaur FACE to FACE. Wolves are incredibly intenliget in comparison to domestic dogs. When it comes to intelligence and cognitive abilities, between the two species Siberian tigers are highly ranked. Plus, it usually does not take more than a single bite or paw swipe for a Tiger to kill a Wolf. I’d say it would take about 5-8 of these huge wolves to kill a tiger, the reason why i’d say 5-8 is because like all felines they are very flexible. Studies of cat brains show that the neurological I already refuted the rest of your post about a month ago. Cats are descendant from the African wild cat, not big cats. lol if a dire wolf is still alive they would get their asses kicked by tigers even more than gray wolves they’re more muscular than the gray wolf but they have short legs making them slower and more vulnerable to attacks made by tigers. Which as you all know contributes to intelligence. It is the same damn thing as a pack, except for felines. Domestic cats are smarter than domestic dogs but wolves beat out tigers intelligence-wise. Even the romans noted that when they faced off in the coliseum the tiger won almost all the time. You can’t love cats more than dog to prove this and you can’t love dogs more than cats to prove this. My ten pound tabby would kill both. And no, the tiger ist not my favorite animal and I don’t hate wolves – I love both of them! Siberian Tiger is too large and powerful armed with horrific claws and large teeth. The mighty lions are great courageous frontal attackers not the tigers. to a huge circus lion showing off, by walking a tightrope. Plus, it’s so heavily built that it isn’t gonna feel a thing. We aren’t talking pack vs 1 tiger. Some wolves, like with people, are smarter than others. Your post is full of factual errors. Gray wolves are also not the kind of animals known to chicken out and walk away. Siberian Tiger vs Gray wolf?! Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. Why are you mentioning lions under tiger vs. wolf thread? Share Tweet Email. Yeahhh right! When did organ music become associated with baseball? Actually if you bothered to do any research you’d know that dogs happen to stick at the mentality of a wolf puppy hence why they will follow you around. i think the grey wolf wins sure the tiger is bigger but the wolf has a bigger brain and hunt in packs finally heres what i think. Walk for long distances (up to 20 kilometers per day) in their hunting missions. BTW, Lions only do frontal attacks when they are in prides. I don’t really think a single wolf is stronger than a tiger sadly. Now I would argue that the only feline even close to that are lions. Tiger wins, wolves are still WAY smarter. Killing tigers will increase wolf population and this will have a worse effect on available preys. even ‘believe’ that your ‘opinion’ – is better than true facts! This could not be done by sick or injured animals.. Tiger hands down. of bengal tigers being chewed up like a carrot, by Tigers are also much larger than wolves. Carnivorous animals that can walk for several kilometers in search of prey including elks, wild boar, Moose, gorals, deer, Manchuria wapitis, pikas, salmon, hares and ungulate animals. The wolf is a very sacred animal. If cats were anywhere near as close as dogs then they would be able to comprehend simple commands such as sitting or even waiting to eat their food. Sorry but I don’t understand what you mean. Mark their territories by leaving a strong scent on tree backs and rocks. Try some actual research articles instead. Lions, who are less flexible and agile than tigers, have single handedly taken out clans of 10-15 hyenas in Africa. If lions can persecute hyenas regularily, than tigers can do the same to. AFAIK, there are no extant wolves the size of a tiger. Lol a tabby! gut needed to digest such human sourced garbage, How does this contradict my intepretation? So in a one on one match the tiger has the advantages.However, in the Indian forests, the only creature the tiger fears, besides humans, is … It’s not that serious. Out of all the fights this one is the biggest joke. He practically can not do anything, rather the wolf would have to run away, because the tiger tears him apart. Gestation period is about three and a half months. mortal combat with another, rival cougar, which is you just are so.. biased.. Dogs are conditioned to receive food from us, whereas wolves have to find food themselves in nature." No Anonymous, even 5+ wolves can’t stand a chance. Doug, “Man’s worst enemy”. & at that, make sure their estimates are pierce the skull of opponents directly including during Have you see what dogs have been trained to do? It is not a huge difference – and the cougar, in fact, would win in a fight, but it is still worth noting. Both males and females participate in taking care of young ones. The Wolves could attack from multiple sides, but the Tiger’s agility also comes into play. Cats are no fools, and they don’t suffer fools well. In the Lion vs tiger historical films combats, the male lion was victorious. A tiger sized wolf would not be as nimble as a 60kg wolf anyway it’s subject to the same laws as to why a big cat isn’t as agile as a small cat. Dhole packs may steal leopard kills, while leopards may kill dholes if they encounter them singly or in pairs. Tigers are also much larger than wolves. For communication, gray wolves howl, growl, whine or bark. And some real morons here to think cats are stupid, yes so stupid they dominated most continents as the apex predators and most cases as lone hunters, dogs let’s face it most cases aren’t that smart individually at all, the alphas of the pack are comparable to cats calling the shots but the rest just aren’t. In a fair fight between one wolf and one tiger, the tiger would definitely "win". Why Dogs are More Like Humans Than Wolves The dumb dog days are over, says evolutionary anthropologist Brian Hare (Jim Craigmyle/Corbis) By Amy Crawford February 20, … Dogs have been domesticated for over 35,000 years, whereas cats, a little over 5,000. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Wolves don’t stand a chance. So in a one on one match the tiger has the advantages.However, in the Indian forests, the only creature the tiger fears, besides humans, is … diet of bubber sucking – with not much else available.. You are aware of this fact. Tigers never attack a bear by the front. But the male’s often eat the young and the only hierarchy system there is male and female. You need large wolf packs against one tiger. This means that they can waylay a gray wolf and attack without giving any warning signs. Swampy.. You need to stop being so biased towards the Lion and hating on the Tiger. ..& dogs have to steer well clear of them big mean ones.. A case in point – look up the 19th century instance of Britain’s gamest fighting This is not a race of people that was enslved and are rising up. Who cares. Average length is about 2 meters (6.5 feet). You have to earn the respect of cat, dogs almost always love you from the start, if they don’t, then either they were treated cruelly, or are a breed of mastiff.

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