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March 29, 2020

what to do with leftover split pea soup

New: January 2020. Baked ham makes great leftover sandwiches but when all the large slices are gone and you get close to the bone, all there’s left are small pieces of ham, that’s when I love to make this soup. While there are some obvious things you can make with ham—split pea soup, scalloped potatoes and ham sandwiches come to mind—I wanted to share some of my favorite leftover ham ideas that veer away from these classic recipes. This split pea soup is simple, flavorful, and full of fall color. Directions. TIPS FOR MAKING THIS SPLIT PEA SOUP RECIPE: If you can’t find leeks, just use about 1/4 cup of diced sweet onion. Split pea soup is such a great winter dish. Leftover ham appetizers or sides From leftover ham salad to ham balls, these recipes are one bite wonders or accompaniments to other dishes. Apr 7, 2015 - Add crunch to your lunch with Martha Stewart's split pea soup with ham and homemade whole-wheat croutons. This leftover ham bone soup recipe combines ham on the bone with split peas for a comforting bowl of warm and tasty goodness. Split peas do this even not over heat. Don't forget the croutons on top! But yum, split pea soup. Directions. Sometimes the best recipes are the ones made with simple ingredients. Get recipe . Photo Credit: Split Pea Soup Ingredients. A 16oz bag of split peas is 99 cents at Kroger and I used a leftover ham hock from Easter dinner in my recipe. So what better to do with leftover ham then to make a pot of Split Pea Soup?! We love split pea soup and this did not disappoint. Use leftover ham to make split pea soup prep even easier. Get the recipe: Split pea soup. This year, I want to nail it, so I decided to ask people who actually know what they're doing. 2 cans (11-1/2 ounces each) condensed split pea soup, undiluted; 1 cup cubed fully cooked ham; Shaved Parmesan cheese, optional; Text Ingredients . 1lb of leftover Christmas ham that has been picked over and set aside 1 1/2 lbs of dried split peas 2 chopped carrots 1 chopped onion 3 minced garlic cloves 1 teaspoon cracked pepper 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1 tablespoon olive oil. This belly warming soup lasts in the fridge for days and freezes perfectly! Homemade Split Pea Soup is Easy to Make! After Christmas or Easter when you have more ham than you know what to do with, remember this recipe! Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup A warm, hearty soup is what we crave from September through March and this is the one we turn to time and time again. We (my mother and myself) were so pleasantly surprised. Also known as 'pea and ham soup' or 'green pea soup.' Smoked ham hock gives this soup incredible flavor, while crispy cubes of diced ham serve as the perfect garnish for this delicious, comforting soup. I don't usually make it at home (order it at restaurants) because it seems like either the split peas don't get soft enough or they turn to complete mush. This Turkey Leg Split Pea Soup is all of the above – fits every category – and couldn’t be easier to make. Just add water and possibly salt when you reheat and you're good. Your soup looks so thick and delicious; if I weren’t cooking overnight and it’s not nearing 11:00 p.m. This recipe is amazing for leftover ham. I had some leftover ciabatta bread that I cut up in cubes, drizzled it well with olive oil, then sprinkled it with salt and pepper then into a 400 degree oven til nice and golden. A. Add split peas, ham hocks and water. This slow cooker split pea soup with ham is just the perfect solution! Well it’s Easter weekend, and between all of the cooking and family time, Easter is always pretty hectic. That made this Instant Pot split pea soup a super cheap and filling meal that doesn’t shortcut flavor. Embarrassing snacking habits aside, having leftover ham in the house means that we have dinner options for days. Split Pea Soup with Ham | A Simple and Hearty Soup This is another one of those "put everything into a pot and cook" recipes that my lazy cook's heart loves. ; Ham hocks – if you’ve got a leftover meaty ham bone from a spiral ham you served for holiday dinner, this is the perfect home for it! Split pea soup may not be the prettiest soup, but this version certainly is delicious. What do you make with leftover ham? Q. I don’t have a leftover ham bone. I followed the recipe as written and will do so again. Instant Pot Split Pea Soup with Ham is a classic version of this hearty soup on fast forward. It’s a classic, and so comforting and delicious! 8 Servings | Ready in 20 Mins | Good for Dinner | 6 Qt Instant Pot. I exhausted myself by rinsing off the split peas…just kidding! This recipe is written using ham hocks, which are great, too. The bulk of it is made from pantry staples, it's cheap, and it has that stick-to-your-ribs quality that's key to surviving dark, cold January nights. Apr 4, 2018 - Split Pea Soup with Ham is a hearty and comforting soup that's perfect for making with leftover ham (and a ham bone) from a holiday dinner. Seriously, nothing beats just throwing all of the ingredients to a meal into one pot, setting it to cook, walking away to do whatever else you need to do only to come back to a delicious, fully prepared meal. Split Pea Soup FAQ’s. This Instant Pot Split Pea Soup is a great way to use a leftover ham hock. Cover and leave to simmer for 2 to 2 and a half hours or until meat is falling away from bones. Rinse, drain and pick over your peas. When your tired of the same ole thing this is great soup to try. But don’t base your like (or dislike, as the case probably is) of this simple soup on that experience. What can I substitute? The flavors work very well together. I shared some with my mother since my husband would t even try it. Split Pea Soup With Ham. Loaded with tender split peas, broth, shredded ham and vegetables. CUISINE: AMERICAN. I have been making this split pea soup recipe for over 25 years. posted by jocelmeow at 4:55 PM on March 29, 2012 . Thinly slice celery ribs and finely chop the leaves; set leaves aside. It looks delicious (as delicious as split pea soup can look, that is!) Here are answers to a few questions that have popped up in the comments. If not, no worries at all. To prepare this soup for the slow cooker was just a matter of putting in the ham bone, dice an onion, carrot and some of the ham. Was very good. Perfectly normal and safe. Crunchy croutons on top of such a hearty, creamy, smokey, meaty delicious soup, I could go on and on! They'll do it in the fridge, too. View Recipe . I don’t know about you, but I’m not the biggest fan of eating a bowl of complete mush – which is what we usually associate with split pea soup. I love Split Pea Sop because it tastes great and it is creamy, but does not have any cream or thickener added. Green split peas – no need to soak them first, but make sure you do sift through them and remove any stones, rinse and drain. If you don’t have one, feel free to use diced ham instead. Easy split pea soup recipe, homemade with simple ingredients in one pot over stovetop. COURSE: SOUP. It is cold and weather like this calls for soup! Split pea soup is the perfect way to use up your leftover ham! Ham And Split Pea Soup is a delicious use of leftover holiday ham and today I’m bringing you an easy and hearty soup that you can eat like a meal. This slowly-simmered split pea soup uses a ham bone (or ham hocks) for a rich, subtly smoky flavor. I know there are a lot of Instant Pot split pea soup recipes out there. All the flavors of classic split pea soup with a fraction of the cooking time, thanks to the Instant Pot. KEYWORD: LEFTOVER HAM RECIPE, SPLIT PEA SOUP RECIPE, WINTER SOUP RECIPE. I had never made pea soup before. This thick Instant Pot Soup is full of flavor and a favorite soup recipe in many cultures. It's the time of year when soup becomes a warm, comforting staple on the family dinner table. Split peas and ham are simmered in a delicious broth to give you a thick and hearty soup! You'll turn to this split pea soup with ham all winter long. The split peas themselves cook down with the chicken broth and just get thick and delicious! You can also freeze the soup for 2-3 months. Photo: Danny Kim. SPLIT PEA SOUP WITH HAM. This was just the right consistency after cooking for 5 hours on low in my crock pot which seems to cook really hot for some reason. It’s a fun and tasty soup make super quickly with ingredients you likely have, other than the split peas of course. There are many variations of this soup, some add potatoes ,but I don’t think you need them at all. Split Pea Soup. Split Pea Soup . :) It was that easy and then the slow cooker does all the work! If you are wondering what to do with that leftover ham bone, this is the perfect recipe for you! Ingredients. Instant Pot Split Pea Soup. I would be tempted to save the ham bone, run to the store for more peas and broth and start over with your recipe. Reduce heat to medium-low. In a large saucepan, bring the water, bouillon granules and thyme to a boil. Well, Split Pea Soup of course! Bring to boil over high heat. Split pea soup with ham bone. You can also try our Stove Top Split Pea Soup Recipe, which uses leftover ham instead of a turkey leg! It's simple, filling, and full of flavour. I have been so thrilled to see how many people have made and enjoyed my family’s Split Pea Soup recipe! I debated whether or not to even post one, until I realized this method was truly different. posted by Admiral Haddock at 4:00 PM on March 29, 2012 . PREP TIME: 15 MINUTES If you’ve ever had split pea soup from a can, I’m sorry.

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