What is oriental WPC decking?

Manufactured from high quality polymer and hardwood fibers, WPC is truly a remarkable combination of nature & technology, designed to offer the same aesthetic and physical properties of hardwoods but with none of the drawbacks and limitations of real timber.

It is a decking solution for those who are environmentally aware and place value on a top-quality decking product that comes with low maintenance and a much longer lifespan

Due to its high flexibility, it is used for decking in both coastal and inland residential buildings, as well as commercial and public spaces such as balconies, terraces, rainforest retreats, and jetties

Manufacturing Process

Sawdust Collection

Saw dust is collected from various sources

Powder Making

Sawdust is first made moisture-free and then turned into powder using the latest European technology

Addition of bonding additives

added with the previous made saw powder

Composite Material

The saw powder and bonding additives mixture create the final composite Doors, Frames, Boards Timber tubes & Floor Decking

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Advantages of Oriental WPC Decking:

Termite resistance: WPC decking makes good material for termite-proof furniture. This is one of the main advantages WPC decking offers over natural woods. In addition, these deckings make a perfect solution for outdoor applications.

Moisture resistance: Unlike conventional building materials, WPC deckings are resistant to moisture.

UV rays resistant: WPC decking comes in multiple colors. In general, the color of the furniture kept outside fades in heat. WPC decking offers UV rays resistance, making them suitable for exterior applications.

High durability: Durability is one of the essential benefits offered by WPC decking. Our product is not affected by rain, extremely hot or cold temperatures, humidity and other envi- ronmental conditions. They are also easy to use. Conventional tools can be used to fix these deckings wherever required.

Eco-friendly: WPC is 100% recyclable and is also manufac- tured using recyclable materials. Also, there is minimal waste generation in the manufacturing process. WPC deckings are also reusable.

Oriental WPC decking offers more advantages than natural wooden decks mainly because of the following reasons:

Oriental WPC Decking

Applications and Uses:

Some prominent application areas are modular kitchen, wall paneling, bench seating, child playground, pet house, railings, and industrial section.
They are widely used in making facades, landscape items, flowerpots, and garden furniture.

Oriental WPC Decking

Applications and Uses:

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